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A Witherleaf is a rare plant that is almost extinct in all parts of the world except for Twerunka Jungle where it grows commonly.


Witherleaves look exactly like regular leaves. In fact the only way to tell the two apart is to smell it. Witherleaves come in blue, pink, green, and orange.

Description and Effects

Mentioned, above Witherleaves have an excellent smell that seems to satisfy even the pickiest noses and it's taste isn't a half bad either. It's said to be the sweetest and tastiest thing you've ever tasted which might not please some but it sure does please jungle dwellers such as frogs. It's also used in drinks as a sweetener but the down-side to this is that the Witherleaves are very addictive and a completely rehabilitated or drug free person will become a drug addict if they eat an entire branch worth. Eating a Witherleaf also causes one to relax due to this it is commonly used in the medical fields for a numbing and sedative.

The older the Witheleaf the weaker and more bitter the leaves become, that being said a baby Witherleaf is extremely sweet and eating just one of the leaves at this stage will make a person completely drunk. Too much Witherleaves will "just plain throw you in fantasy land" as said by Droget.

The roots of a Witherleaf tree is commonly used to make exotic and sweet root beer. Baby Witherleaf Tree roots are said to put the user in a sleep that is filled with wonderful dreams.

If a Witheleaf is stuck on something too long it permanately grows attatched to that said object. In fact Witherleaves are the leaves Krinkinko wears on his shoes.

Psycologists recommend a Witherleaf for stress relief.


Witherleaves appeared in Gregory the Magihog: Explorer of two worlds when the Elder requested Gregory find some so he could operate on Krinkinko. He couldn't find leaves but he did however find baby Witherleaf roots.

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