Wodina is the Romantic relationship between Wodahs & Mina Mongoose.


In Sonic Othersides, Mina is kidnapped, and Wodahs help her out. When the other shadows start ganging up on him, Mina saves him. Mina gets help from Tails' uncle Merlin to heal Wodahs' wounds. Although it was strange for Mina to fall in love with a Zombie/Ghost creature, She payed no attention to the people who were mean to her about it.

Wodina Children

  • Ace the Hedgehog
  • Tune the Hedgehog
  • Dark the Mongoose

Fanfics for

Fanfics against

Anything containing any couple with Mina in it.



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Iffy people

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Do not sign your name here if you are going to whine your butt off about Ash and Mina, or Sonic and mina, or whatever the heck you support that I don't give a crap for. You also need a REASON for disliking it.

Lightning the Hedgehog This is a quite awkward group. Better than some though... but otherwise... I hate it... @ Sharna: I said it was awkward. @Sharna: It is. If it's awkward, then it's awkward....Okay it's just that picture. What the heck??? I don't like the pic. That is true awkwardness. @Sharna: It's a free country, so I think I can hate the couple because of a freaky pic.

If you hate it, you need a reason.-Sharna
How is "akward" a reason? Not to be pushy or anything.-Sharn
Don't hate my couple because of my freaky picture!!!D:-Sharna

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