This is about the game. If you are looking for the machine click here.

World Cruncher is a video game that launches the first offical apearance of Team Heaven. It is a bit like Heaven the Rabbit, only with the "teamwork" function of Sonic Heroes.


Dr.Eggman creates a machine called World Cruncher that can turn Mobius into rubble.When Sonic hears about this machine he gets his brothers (Tails and Knuckles are his brothers in this game) to help him destroy it. The news spreads around Mobius, making more and more teams to help. The teams are:

  • Team Sonic
  • Team Rose
  • Team Chaotix
  • Team Dark
  • Team Heaven (debut)
  • Team Ghost(help)(debut)

After the teams are introduced into the game, it shows a cutscene of Team Ghost, a team made of only one character, which is the ghost of Heaven's father. He tells Heaven, who's eyes are filling with tears, about the World Cruncher and how to play. The player can click on a tear in the corner of the screen to show the how to play cutscene again. After the cutscene ends, the screen turns white and then returns clear, signaling that Team Ghost has dissapeared back into Heaven's heart. Heaven, who is still crying, runs to the close to the screen, bumps her nose, and pulls down a curtain that shows the Team Select screen.


This has the same gameplay as heaven the rabbit + the teamwork function of Sonic Heroes.


The teams and thier characters

Team Sonic

  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles

Team Rose

  • Amy
  • Cream
  • Cheese(replacing big)

Team Chaotix

  • Vector
  • Espio
  • Charmy

Team Heaven

  • Heaven the Rabbit
  • Sarah the Second
  • Shine the Chao


  • The dead seems to go into Heaven's heart, which could mean that Heaven is the morphed cristian heaven, and Heaven could bring Cosmo back, but only for a few minutes and as a ghost.
  • Shine is a power character in this game, but that is just because of her claws.

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