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Wyvern City (also known as "the City of Beasts") is the home for different creatures that are nonmobian like normal dragons and other such creatures, this city has a combined population of 300 mobians, and a wide variety of normal animals (mobians migrated into the city and coexist with the normal beasts). after mobians became residents of the city, the "other" inhabitants took masters to be companians with.


this city was founded by mobians as a forest oasis with wild animals of all kinds living in this forest. mobians made treetop homes to live in and made peace with the other creatures, and in exchange for they're living arrangments the creatures would take a mobian as they're master. these beasts were not ordinary, they were more intelligent then most supposed "brain dead" animals, and they had hidden something...something powerful. they had hidden it away so that they're masters would not misuse it and so the secret was kept...the answer to the fact of a Dragons breath...the very mystery that brought about the power to manipulate the element of Fire...the secret of the "Life Flame"

The Life Flame

The "Life Flame" is a torch underneath the city that is ablaze with a flame in the shape of a dragon. (the picture up above is what it looks like) This flame is what powers every Dragon in the city including those outside the city across Mobius' main continent plus many other people who can manipulate the power of the dragons.


this city has an army of guards making up it's defense, including the top ranking officers, the Dragon Knights. these warriors are the best of the best chosen as the top guard. the city is their secret to protect. The Dragon Knights were founded by none other than Endac Korinth Dragonbane.

other known Dragon Knights are: Felix the Echidna, Krados Trandigo the Drowhog, and Ian Fy Pyroclasm.

Residentual Powers

upon arriving all of the mobians who came became pyromancers and as such learned many power of the element of fire. the Fire they controled though could come in many different colors such as: Blue, Red (more of a crimson), Yellow, Purple, Green, and the natural Orange. they also noticed that the natural beasts of the city could also control fire in they're own way.

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