"Xantrea" Xan Shown in Mobian poodle form.

Age Unknown (is assumed to be very old)
Gender Unknown (can be either or, depending on request)
Species Unknown (depends on request)
Alignment Neutral
Nicknames (Call it whatever you want, really. Different people call it different things.)
Quotes "I am whatever you want me to be.."
Romantic Interests (None yet, but keep in mind that it is polygamous and does not see any problem being in more than one 'relationship'. It really does not understand the true meaning and feeling of love.)
Weaponry None, unless some is requested.
Abilities Able to shapeshift into whatever is requested by whoever finds it. (And it is almost only by whoever finds it...but if it were to, say, shapeshift upon it's own will, it may only shapeshift into a female poodle-character.)

Known by the first name given to it by another, Xantrea is an ancient being who has roamed the Earth for thousands of years. It can be found almost anywhere- Near oceans, in forests, in jungles, and even places less secluded. Xantrea resides within objects- Any objects, such as lost shoes, empty cans or bottles, hollow tree stumps (sometimes these objects may stick out in the environment they're in...think of a shoe just laying there in the forest), etc. Upon finding, it will appear as either a dark or light mist of some sort, depending on the time of day. From there it will introduce herself (not it's name, rather the fact that it has existed for quite some time). If not asked beforehand, it will merely state that it is "whatever you want [it] to be". At this point, this 'someone' whom it is communicating with can, for lack of a better phrase, create it physically. They may give it a set appearance, as well as any additional things (an accent, certain clothes, etc. Even a name). After this, communicating is much easier and "Xantrea" (or whatever it is called by that person) will stick around for about 24 hours or less, depending on whether it is wanted or not. During this time, it could be many things- as in a friend, or on the downside, an object.

Physical Appearance

Xantrea has many appearances corresponding to the many people it has met over the years. It's true form is simply a small uneven orb of mist, which may appear light or dark depending on the time of the day.

Female Poodle


A rough sketch of her poodle design.

This is the first appearance ever given to Xantrea (it's name came along also). Due to this, Xantrea feels a special attachment to this appearance and uses it only when very neccessary. Xantrea is featured as a tall, female poodle. 'She' has dark blue and grey fur, with half-lidded, powdered blue eyes. Originally, she wore a very old-fashioned dress and had long, wavy blue hair, but Xantrea itself changed the appearance upon it's own will as time went on. Now, while the color scheme is the same, she wears a faux-fur coat with a sleek black dress underneath, pantyhoes, and black high-heeled shoes. Her hair is now in a bobbed cut, with two semi-long pieces underneath in the back, which somewhat resemble a swallow's tail. Her fingernails are long and are painted red, and she also wears red lipstick along with mascara (which gives her long eyelashes). Her tail is long with a small grey puff at the end. She has a small mole on her left cheek. She talks with a very noticeable French accent (as Xantrea has observed that poodles are somewhat of a French stereotype). This is the only appearance that Xantrea can use upon will.

For the rest of the Physical Appearance section, you may edit it as you please according to the character interacting with Xantrea.

Personality and Character Traits

Xantrea is a curious, loyal, and polite being. It will generally always speak to others in a quiet, non-threatening voice, complete with manners. It is a giver, and will generously do things for others, not asking for anything in return. Despite this, Xantrea isn't really considered "happy" or "joyful", unless something is done to make it feel that way. It is more on the "neutral" side otherwise. Xantrea however can experience human emotions, but that depends on how it is treated.

Things that Xantrea particularly likes to do include baking, gardening, catering, and painting. It seems to excel in these activities compared to other ones it was requested to do. There are very few things that upset Xantrea. These things include publicly mentioning it or yelling at it in a negative manner. As a reaction to this, Xantrea will immediately become flustered and leave, never coming back to see that person again.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Xantrea's only real ability is the ability to shapeshift into whatever is requested by whoever finds it. If given a very accurate description, it can match the description exactly (however, it will fill in things that arent specified with it's own traits). Xantrea is capable of remembering each of these descriptions and, whenever it goes back to visit that person upon request, it will use that 'design' to show itself. It can, however, change designs if wanted.

Xantrea, being very loyal and generous as well as innocent and ignorant, can be taken advantage of very easily. It can be an extremely dependable friend and ally- but on the darker side, it can be used for other more malicious things (a servant, a slave...), and it will not protest. Sadly, most of the time it will not realize the wrongness of this. Xantrea's beliefs may cause a poor self image. For example, due to not exactly understanding the true meaning of 'love', it sees no problem with being in more than one 'relationship'.

Relations with Other Characters

You may edit this section as you please.






  • Xantrea was formally a horrific, unoriginal female character made by User:CelestialSun. She was the same 'species' as Mephiles (and was in love with him too), had a terribly contradicting personality, and had Amy Lee as a voice actor. That's right. Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence.
  • Xantrea is considered the 'Spirit of Curiousity' and the 'Spirit of Friendship and Loyalty'.

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