The Young Organazation is a secret group organized by Vegas the Fox Hybrid in order to highlight the power of young heroes and keep things in order on Mobius. They work secretly, and different teams are spread all over Mobius.

Age Limit: 7-16 years old


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Squads in Y.O are a group of different people in different parts of Mobius. They have their own hideout, it can be underground, in a tree, in a mountian, anywhere, and they usually consit of 4-5 members a maximum of 7.

Each Squad gets to create their own name, and get a number based off of when they join.


Squad 0 __________<<Enter Team Name

Each Squad has one leader who assigns most missions and is responisble for paying attention if and when Vegas send a WorldWide Issue Report.

Missions and Reports

Missions are usually assigned by the leader of a Squad out of randomness, Missions are usually small compared to what Vegas can assign. But usually a mission can occur if a member happens to over-hear something about trouble, and anyone on the team can tell a mission to their leader if they feel like the problem is big enough. It must get leader approval first though, if a leader has a mission in mind it is his/her option to see if his/her team is willing to do it.

Reports are sent in by Vegas specifically, they can be sent to one squad in particular, or it can be sent to every squad in mobius depending on the situation. Reports are huge missions that usually involve some form of world-wide or "around-the-area" danger.


The age limit of this gorup is 7-16 year olds, once you have reached the age of 17 you MUST leave the group sadly, with ageless mobians, it's a win-win situation. If you happen to be a leader of a squad you have to appoint someone else as leader from your team OR on rare occasions an outsider. But just because you've reached a higher age doesn't mean you can't still be supportive of the group. You can continue to be a spy if you like, you must be sworn to secrecy and not to mention us to adults or older mobians, if you do, your memory will be erased in turn.

Most young kids under the age limit (usually siblings of somesort) are allowed to train but nothing more, they can visit, and get some experience, but they cannot be accounted for as an official member.

Y.O Roleplay List


Members W/out A Squad


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