Yuai is the romantic relationship between Yu the Porcupine and Ai Hitoshi.


The couple met in sixth grade, where they caught their eyes on each other. The two fell in love on that day. One day, Ai was walking in the forest when suddenly, a group of bandits appeared. Ai tried to take them, but she fainted. But Yu appeared and fighted the Bandits, and they ran off. They kept their crushes secrets, until a student found out and told everyone. They admited that they were indeed, in love. But Yu went to America, again, for years, and Ai never saw Yu again until she was walking in the forest in a thunderstorm. And suddenly, a tornado appeared, but not a typical one. This tornado was black and looked thinner and rounder. Meanwhile, Yu returned and went to this forest, and suddenly heard Ai screaming. Yu rushed and looked for her, but couldn't until he saw Ai stuck in the Tornado. Yu jumped in to save her, but the two were blown away. Yu found himself stuck in the middle of nowhere, and called Ai's name, but there was no answer. Yu then looked for her for hours. Yu was about to give up, but then he saw Ai laying in the grass. Yu shook her, but she was still sleeping. The next day Ai woke up, but was injured badly. Yu took her in his arms and walked, seeing if there was anyone who could help. But Yu found his way home later. The couple is now married, and go on dates. They also fight together in battles, even though Yu like to fight by himself most of the time. And even in the future, they have a son named Zack the Porcupine.


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