Yusuf 'Ahmed' the Lion

Age 37
Height 4' 6"
Weight 101 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Lion
  • Fur: Coming soon!
  • Eyes: Coming soon!
Attire Coming soon!
Birthplace (Fictional) Morocco (now resides in Dubai, UAE)
Romantic Interests None

Yusuf 'Ahmed' the Lion, or better known by his full name Yusuf Al-Rasheed, is J the Hedgehog's rival in racing.

Physical Description

Yusuf is seen always wearing his unique racing outfit (as well as sporting his turban around his head), regardless on whether he is racing or not. The shirt's racing number is "26".


He is an uptight and eccentric gentleman and businessman, known for being a multi-millionaire while working at a stock exchange facility. He talks with fluent Moroccan-Arabic accent when talking to someone, although he rarely talks in Arabic, knowing that it is the most toughest language to understand, making translation difficult. Because he is a rich businessman, he is rarely seen racing at all. He also tends to have a snappy attitude when being confronted by enemies.


During his early age, he has learned on using sand abilities, thus making his powers unparalelled so far. After 25 years of experience, Yusuf has mastered using sand powers, although this is only used for making a quick getaway, should he end up getting involved in harrowing situations.


Yusuf relies more on defense rather than using attack abilities, thus making defeating enemies somewhat difficult. He is also highly uncomfortable to cold weathers as this can greatly affect his powers.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Hot weather
  • Working
  • Racing (sometimes)


  • Cold weather
  • Taking uneccesary breaks while working
  • Enemies (if they were to confront him)

Character Interactions

Add your character names here if you have known Yusuf throughout the RP.


Coming soon!

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