An diety that is said to have many phases of life, thanks to this and the known fact that he has been sealed for half his life, It is assumed he was around when the Master Emerald was first created. However, what is unknown is that how long before he was. The current Phase of life is his "Troll" Phase.


He has no "forms" but he does have phases which advance when he dies. Due to being a Troll though, advancing to the next "Phase" is near impossible. During his troll form he looks like Shadow but taller with black instead of white in the eyes, and red eye colors (His pupils remain black). His coloring is dark blood red and his streaks are lime green. He wears bracers similar to shadow's without the rings, replaced by blood red rings. He also wears shoes like Knuckles, only the metal part is black. He also has a long tail that ends in a trident-like patttern.


Zelfilesaga does not have any innate powers, except for one. He can copy the powers of others, by scanning their "Energy" or "Aura" and finding their powers. He can then select which ones he wants to copy. What makes him unique is, that he can also copy the physical powers of another, such as strength or speed. In addition, he can have up to 5 powers. He has stated that due to this, it forms a weakness, however, he does not even trust his own daughter with this information. His current powers are as follow:

  • Strength equal to SuperKnuckles
  • Slight Levitation
  • Speed equal to SuperSonic
  • Venomkinesis
  • Psychokinesis

There's not much to say about his physical powers other than he's a top-notch super-form villian, coming with levitation equal to about tails. His venomkinesis is probably his most dangerous aspect of him, as he has many self-taught and exclusive poison-based attacks. The strongest, but hardest to pull off, is Final Sleep. In order for the attack to successfully work, the opponent must be in a very deep sleep, which is only accomplishable by them naturally falling asleep. After this, he injects a poison that not only completely knocks out their hearing and senses of taste and smell, but also increases the victims aggression. The poison also gives the victim limited time to live. Despite the severity of the poison, there is a cure. Fresh Spring Water combined with chaos energy. His strongest non-elemental attack is his Autumn Behemoth Punch which not only triples his physical strength right before the strike, but also has enough force to blow zelfilesaga away to safety from counterattacks (unless it's a projectile attack). His Troll-Killer Toxin is one of his most useless moves. He created it during his 5th or 6th phase, as means of advancing when he reached his Troll phase. however, he found it useless when he enjoyed the pratically immortal life. However, he kept it in case others arose and attempted to challenge them.


Acid Rain

Poison Beam

Venom Mist

"Troll-Killer" Toxin (Must be injected directly into blood to be effective, only stops regeneration for 4 hours)

Venom Punch

Toxic Spindash

Pool of Poison


Petrification Palm

Sleep Gas

Final Sleep



Psycho Barrier

Psycho Blast


Spring Launch Kick

Autumn Behemoth Punch


Giga Impact

Bullet Punch

Flash Step

Tornado Whirl


Jump Kick





When alone, Zelfilesaga is very calm, collective, and thoughtful. However, when in the prescence of others, he is very silent, or talkative, depending on his mood. He is very manipulative, having mastered the art over several millenia. He is also very uncaring, if not cruel. He even uses his own daughter to perform missions that would prove dangerous to the other demon lords. It was recorded that at one time, he was a womanizer, however, nowadays he barely even looks at woman, it is only if they have any useful powers. He is also very arrogant, chuckling before accepting a challenge, letting his opponent have the fight till the very end where he then usually wins in one fell swoop. However, he does not go looking for fights. His goals and motives are not known. However, it can easily be assumed he is evil.


Look at Forms


It is not truely known as to what his history is, as there are gaps. However, several different facts are known. His first Phase of Life was his Non-Mobian Wolf Phase, then his Hedgehog Phase. It is unknown what other phases there were after that, except for (In Order) his Bear phase, Phoenix phase, and Hedgedemon phase. It is also known that his Troll phase is such, though it did not have a name until the Trolls actually revealed themselves. It was described as "A phase in which life and death mean nothing for him, and the regenerative properties are on the level of the Divine Ones". Amazingly, this is not his last phase, as it is known his next 3 are his Demon phase, Angemon phase, and finally a unnamed phase that looks extremely demonic. Other facts are that he was a womanizer, as in his 6th and 7th phases, he had several different recorded relationships at once that were eventually revealed. However, during his Hedgedemon/8th phase, there was still this action, however, 1 woman in particular continually showed up throughout the entire phase, mysteriously vanished at the exact same time this phase ended. What's also known, is his power, as he himself recorded of his power, though wether it was out of spite or arrogance is unknown. Finally, that he created a race of demons called Demon Lords, because of their power and demonic nature. One fact is under consideration, as a tablet suggests that the mysterious woman actually had the power to resist Zelfilesaga's one ability and even managed to use an item to seal Zelfilesaga away in an empty dimension. However, it was then that she vanished. Otherwise, his history is vastly unknown.


He is planned to appear in a roleplay i plan to create which is a sidestory/continuation. He appears only 3 months after the events, claiming that the heroes have exactly 3 days to stop him before he acquires the means to conquer the entire universe... and his daughter-gone-rebel Sinu attempts to stop him. Read the page itself for more details.

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