Zenix the corrupt shaded fixed

Biographical Information
  • 17
Romantic Interests
  • Alice the hedgehog
  • None yet
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Light blue
  • Hair: Pale blue
  • Grey shirt
  • Red Jacket
  • Black jeans
  • Black scarf
  • Brown boots
Abilities and forms
  • Tech mastery
  • Robotic mastery
  • IQ of 190
  • Tech control
  • Robot minions
  • Robotic armor
Super Forms
  • Metallic Overdrove mode.
Theme Songthumb|300px|right|His theme song and he sings it.
Instrument Profession
  • Singer
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)


The feather fragment of corruption that came to life with the other nine feather fragments. He spends his time tinkering with robotics and hunting down bounties to feed his large family.


He is cold and uncaring to strangers, yet if one is to get close enough to him they may see a side that only the shining family is used to. In battle he uses his robots to do most of his dirty work. If the situation calls for it though he will fight himself but through a variant kick boxing style. He does this to avoid using his hands and dirtying them for he believes that dirty hands lead to less productive robots.


Alice the Hedgehog (DA Account user): A rare women that he has come across who can actually make him smile. He is happier whenever he is around her. After opening up to her, he quickly fell for her and is now going out with her as her boyfriend.


Alice by loopylyd333-d354ce9

Zenix's girlfriend: Alice the Hedgehog. Created and drawn by DA user Loopylyd333

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