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Hello, This is my return. I am ShadowNight, But now i am Shadow Gamer. This is the Comeback i have been planning for 3 Monthes. I Hope you Like it.


The Unknown Fugitives

Grana the Hedgehog

Nina the Bat

Nigro the Echidna

Shaman the Hedgehog

General the Echidna

Shina the Hedgehog

The Freedom Fighters

Sonic the Hedgehog






The Admenastration of Gods

Zeero the Hedgehog

Neonixnorfum the Fox

Cheserrum the Echidna

The Eggman Empire




Bos Primigenius   

Canis Lupin

Homo Sapius


Table of Contentes

Chapter I: Beginings

Chapter II: Logged On

Chapter III: Valhala

Chapter IV: Betrayel

Chapter V: The Unknown Fugitives

Chapter VI: Found

Chapter VII: A New Friend

Chapter VIII: Journey to Map 15

Chapter IX: The Prophecy Unvailed

Chapter X: Brains vs. Brones

Chapter XI: Finding out the Truth

Chapter XII: Knothole University

Chapter XIII: F-

Chapter XIV: Extra Credit Assignment

Chapter XV: Trapped in a cave with my worst enemy

Chapter XVI: Welcome to the EGGDOME

Chapter XVII: The Boiler Room

Chapter XVIII: Deal

Chapter XIX: A New Map

Chapter XX: The Silver Castle (Public)

Chapter XXI: The Silver Castle (Behind the Scenes)

Chapter XXII: The Torture Chamber

Chapter XXIII: Paradise

Chapter XXIV: Betrayle...Again

Chapter XXV: Betrayle...Againx2

Chapter XXVI: Let the Final Battle Begine

Chapter XXVII: Zero to Hero

Chapter XXVIII: Esc

Chapter I: The Beginning

Searching for Link...

Loading Software...

Loading Viper Code...

Loading Graphics...

Loading Maps...

Loading Players...




Loading Complete...


Map 21: Arnold Mountains

P1: G1050

P2: GamerGal72

P3: Chicken402

P4: FinalRomance0000000012

Finish Loading.......................

"Hello G1050," Said GamerGal72. "How was school today for you?" GamerGal72's Avatar was her own original Avatar Named Grana the Hedgehog. She was a Tall beutiful Hedgehog with a Blue Skirt and a Pink Jacket Pulled Tightly over her white Undershirt who had been Cyber Dating for 1 month with General the Echidna. General the Echidna was a tall dark blue colored Echidna who was owned by User G1050. General always had Camoflauge Jeans and a Camoflauge Jacket pulled over a white undershirt. General Spoke in a Rocky Serious voice, "Not bad, you? G1050 had said through his speaker.

"Na, it was just fine."

"Well i guess that settles that concept." After General had Said that off the Horizon General could make out a fuzzy Picture, "Hey, What does that look like to you?" Asked General as he pointed towards the figure.

"I Don't Kno---" Grana was cut off. Right there on the horizon they made out what was most likely there friend Nigro the Echidna. Nigro the echidna was a friend they found one day in Map 12: Dusty Deserts. Nigro was trying to find the entrance to Map 11: The Temple of Zeleos. The Became friends and forever more at this time everydat Nigro had meat them on map 21: Arnold Mountains. He came all the way from Map 18: Windy Temples. Nigro was a Pitchblack Echidna that wore all black: Black T-Shirt, Black Faded Shortes, Black GLoves, Even a Black Necklass. Nigro was about to run Grana Over when he jumped through the Air practiced glideing and landed right on top of Nina the Bat.

"Get off of MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nina Screamed as she got up and threw Nigro off her back. Nina the Bat was the Avatar of FinalRomance0000000012. Nina was pretty much just a bat. Not even Gloves. "What the hell did you do that for?" she asked Nigro.

"I got Board." Nigro answered. "So what are we doing today?" Nigro asked General trying to change the Subject. Oh i forgot to mention that General and Grana are like the team leaders with General at head and Grana at Backup in case anything happened to General.

"Where going to Map 23: Volhalya Today. It's Final Open." General Answered trying to help out Nigro.

"Why did they decide to open it now?" Grana Asked.

"I don't know. Mabey because it's the Admin's Home Map and until now they decided that nobodywould be in the luxury that they where in." General answered as he started to walk torwards the Mountains. "You all coming we only got an hour to explore."

"Why do we only have an hour?" Asked Nigro

"Because i'm grounded and have to get off and clean up before my mom gets home in 1 Hour and 30 Minutes."

"OH." Nigro, Nina, General, & Grana walked off into the Mountains. They walked for about 3 minutes and heard a strange noise. the noise sounded like growling. "Hey do you guys hear that or is it just me?" Everyone Concentrated and tryed to hear. thay didn't hear anything. after a minute of kistening they decided that Nigro was just fooling around and to just keep on walking. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

A dark figure walk into the room at the back of a large castle painted the color of silver and gold. The figure walked up to the throne. The figure looked up towards another figure on the throne. "Hello master, I have brought you Information about Subject1006GG72." Said the Figure as he knelt and then stood talking to his master.

"Good, good, what is it?" Asked his Master.

"Subject1006GG72 has been spotted heading towards Map 23 just two minutes ago by our Killer Mountain Dog. Just as you intended." Said te servant.

"Good, good. Now i need you to attack them Nephew." the first figure walked out of the room and turned in the doorway as to say something but quickly turned and headed out of the Castle.                                                                                                                


Grana & Co. aproached a gorge in the Mountain range. "They realy only want the strongest to arive don't they?" Asked Grana.

"Geuss so." Answered General. "Looks like there should be a way around but we don't have ebough time. We only have 10 Minutes left."

"Well let's make the best of it." Said Nigro. "We should go find something to fight why'll we have time."

"Why would we get ourselves hurt for the fun of it. and + there is never anything out here to fight." Answered General

"Yeah i geuss that's true."

"Beg ta differ" Said a voice. "I think that your guys' life is about to get alot more interesting."

"Who the Hell are?" Yelled Nigro

"Hey, i am a girl, not a guy." Said Grana & Nina at the same time.

"Oh i am sorry GamerGal72." Replyed the man.

"H...How did you know my user name?" Asked Grana as the man cam out. The man was a light Grey colored Hedgehog with a green Jacket that was so clean and shinny it could blind you. But that's not the wierd part about him, the wierd part was that when he came out he was riding atop a dog wearing Golden armor. The dogs teeth were pure Silver. the dog snarled.

"Hey, that's the same noise i heard earlyer." Said Nigro.

"Ah. Your a very obsurvent young man. This dog was trained to be a silent Hunter............BAD DOG!!!!!" The man hit the dog with a steal bat. The Dog's head jerked. The dog went back to his buisness like he hadn't been hit at all.

"Why did you hit your dog?" asked Nina.

"Ha, ha , ha, because he was a bad dog...didn't you hear me?" Answered  the man. "Also my name Excalaber...Like the sword."

"Well thats a cool name." Said Nigro.

"Yes, yes. Well i am sorry that i hhave to kill you, it makes me kind of sad. Now-KILL THEM!!!!!" The Dog leaped from under Excalaber. The dog leap onto the ground in front of Grana and the rocky cliff.

"Guys, Formation W" Yelled General. They got into a triangle like formation and jumped into the air. Grana was the first one down landing on the dog's hea with a wicked Spin dash. General was down next a sucker punched the dog in the face. Nina dropped a bomb on the dog from above. Nigro flew down and blended into the shadows. Nigro manedged to hit the dog on the soft underbelly just before the dog throusted forward. The Dog hit Grana and she went flying. She hit a rock and passed out. "GRANAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" General Leaped forward and picked the dog up from the underside and flipped him over the cliff. The dog yelped as he fell to his Death. "Now what are you gonna do Excalaber?" General asked as he walked to Grana.

"I guess your stronger than Uncle thought." Excalaber said as he ran through the mountains away from the Group.

"Grana are you ok?" General asked.

"Yeah. Hey you no your 2 minutes over your dealine right?"

"What? Oh i gotta go. see ya guys tommorrow" General logged off.

G1050 Logged off.......

To be countinued in Chapter II: Logged On

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