Zero The Porcupine is an 18 year old Porcupine and is also the fursona of EcruosofCharisma's older brother.

Zero is a top notch fighter. He was one of the original Densetsu Temple students. he learned Ginga No Budo alongside Shori and Nero, people who'd end up being Ecruos and Nero's greatest rivals in the future. Because of this, He knows some of the ancient tricks and more ancient techniques that eventually lead to him being the greatest fighter in the temple, according to the ruler of the temple, as he is mentioned frequently throughout Ecruos' training in the Densetsu Temple.


Zero was born in Densetsu City, toward the treacherous hike to Densetsu Temple, which is why nobody had dared go up there. Zero, growing up, had been an only child... Until he was 5, when Eternal and Neon first arrived. Then after being neglected because all the attention was going to the new twins, Infinity arrived. Eventually, at the age of 14, he left the house to go explore the world and train to eventually become a great fighter. He then followed up the hike to Densetsu Temple. Eventually, he trained with the two people who would become Eternal and Neon's greatest rivals: Shori and Nero. After 3 years of training, he went off to study a certain metal that was really indestructable, Enegliumite. Eventually, Zero found a way to replicate it, and made new weapons with it like Staffs, knifes, Swords, Mace balls, etc. He then made a special weapon made only for himself that was made with an energy known as Eneginalite. A high tech tree in one weapon. It could lengthen to make a staff, shorten and release energy from it to make a lazer sword, or to shorten it a little more, have a mace attached to it. He then went off to the tournament of grand weaponry where he'd go on to win the trophy, proving he could be very strong one day. He dressed differently and wore sunglasses for his family not to notice him.


Zero usually has a very serious attitude. He keeps his mind focused on one thing only, and that's it. He's very persistant and cunning.

Strengths, Powers and Abilities.

Zero has no abilities unless you consider super good fighting skils and being able to hurt people severely with a 3 way weapon that can be a staff, a sword and a shield as powers. However, Zero has been able to make moves/combos with this staff-sword shield of his. Check them out.


Zero moves the staff above his head in a helicopter prepellor type of way and can fly upwards.

Tornado Thrash:

Zero moves his staff above his head in the flight position and creates a tornado and launches it at the opponent. He then throws the staff, or shield in this case into the tornado, thus launching the shield at a very fast speed at the opponent.

Combat Crush:

Zero unloads a massive attack with kicks, punches, and hits from the staff, and the shield, then finally delivers 3 of the hardest kicks, punches and shield hits at the end.


Zero The Porcupine has white fur and crazy spiked up hair. He wears bands on his gloves like Ecruos, only they're purple, as Viola, his niece made them for him. He wears a metal belt, and black pants.