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Zero the Liger is a male Maltese Liger, a crossbreed born from a male lion and and a female tigress.


Zero is quite large, standing above normal lions and tigers. He has tiger-like markings on his body, as well as some rosettes. He has a small mane, and a long striped tail. Because he is a Maltese, his fur is slate grey, while his stripes and rosettes are back. His eyes are amber, and he typically wears black shorts with two blue stripes on the sides and a black tank-top. He wears fingerless tenkou that only cover the back of his hands.


Zero is highly aggressive and unsociable, preferring to be left alone to his peace and quiet. Because of this, he can seem rude and uncaring to other people, often rubbing them the wrong way. However, Zero is not as uncaring as one might think, because whenever he sees someone in a tight spot, whether he wants to or not, he compulsively helps them (always regretting getting involved later). Zero absolutely hates weak people, and actually enjoys beating them up. However, Zero defines someone as "strong" or "weak" depending on their resolve, not physical strength or ability; Zero highly respects those willing to keep standing up and fighting on, but is disgusted by those who give up easily or have others do their dirty work.


Zero is exceedingly strong, and deceptively fast compared to his build. He has excellent senses, can see in the dark, and has frightening jaw strength, biting through a steel pipe when angered. When Zero fights, he usually fights like a feral beast, slamming, slashing, biting, and crushing his enemies, giving him a reputation as a berserker. However, Zero is actually an extremely adept and technical fighter, being a master of both kick-boxing and judo. However, Zero doesn't use his true fighting techniques unless facing a worthwhile opponent, not wanting to give weak opponents the privilege of a "dignified fight".


  • Zero's name is actually a play on "Liger Zero" from the ZOIDS series.

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