Zetsepkuu's general appearance.

Zetsepkuu is a 16 year old Hedgehog born 200 years in the future on the Little Planet. He traveled back in time using "Time Machine" with his friends and little brother, Tobey Yoshiro, in order to prevent Phantom Ragnorak from conquering the Little Planet.

Early Life

Zetsepkuu was born in Palmtree Panic Zone along with his brother Tobey Yoshiro. It still remains unknown who the brother's parents are, but they are assumed to be dead. Zetsepkuu spent his childhood with his brother in a place called the "Sanctuary", safe from Phantom's rule. He grew up exploring, and often getting himself into trouble. While in the Sanctuary, he met some of his closest friends, Yami Aurora and ShadeStar. By the time Zetsepkuu was 13, the Sanctuary had been attacked and taken over by Phantom, with Zetsepkuu, Tobey, Yami, and ShadeStar bareley escaping. The spent their years running, hoping to find a way to free the Little Planet.

The Great Adventure

Zetsepkuu and friends had traveled for a long time now, still seeking answers. Their only hope was the Time Stones, until they realized that Phantom had already gotten the Time Stones. Not long after they had almost given up hope, they learned about a legendary item known as "Time Machine". They had a long journey ahead of them searching for Time Machine, but in the end, they found it! The device could travel manipulate time, but it only had one charge left. When Zetsepkuu was about to pick up the item...."CRASH!" Daishiro Blade (a warrior of Phantom) came crashing down! Daishiro wasn't about to let Zetsepkuu and the others travel back in time, but Tobey and ShadeStar were able to hold him off long enough for Zetsepkuu to activate Time Machine. The blast was so massive, it enveloped the entire area! Fortunatley, Daishiro and retreated out of fear of the blast. The blast sent Zetsepkuu and friends had traveled 200 years in the past, thinking they had went back too far. But, they sooned discovered that this exact date was when Phantom discovered the Little Planet! Zetsepkuu, Tobey, Yami and ShadeStar then set out on an epic adventure to stop Phantom and his army from conquering the Little Planet!


Zetsepkuu has a usually goofy and teasing personality, though he can be serious. He has a good heart, as well as a foul mouth. He's generally a likeable person, and is kind.


Zetsepkuu has the unique ability to manipulate and create paint with his finger tips (although he carries around a paint brush), and he can also manipulate time if he has 50 or more rings, along with a Time Stone (He can also use Time Machine). Though Zetsepkuu uses weapons and powers, he is also a physical fighter. He uses various moves he learned from "That Machine With A Controller and Cartidge On Top". These are some of the moves Zetsepkuu can preform:

  • Paint Storm - Zetsepkuu raises his finger/brush into the air and Paint erupts from it
  • Elemental Paint - Zetsepkuu dips his finger/brush into a specific color of paint, and depending on what color the paint is, his attack's element changes.
  • Paint Barrier - Zetsepkuu dips both of his hands into paint and creates a wall of paint in front of him.
  • Shotgun Paint - Zetsepkuu dips both of his index fingers into paint, aims his fingers like guns, and fires.
  • Shoryuken - A rising uppercut Zetsepkuu learned from "That Machine With A Controller And Cartridge On Top".
  • Paint Hadoken - Zetsepkuu's own variation of a move he learned from "That Machine With A Controller And Cartridge On Top".
  • Sloooow - Zetsepkuu unleashes Time Machine's power and slows down time for a short amount of time.
  • Fast! - Zetsepkuu unleashes Time Machine's power and speeds up time for himself for a short amount of time.
    Zetsepkuu(Puyo Puyo)

    Zetsepkuu, Puyo Puyo style.

  • Goodbye! Have a nice afterlife! - Zetsepkuu dips Time Machine in Paint, then slows down time, and attacks his opponent with a fearsome combo, finishing with a devastating blast.

Other Appearances

Zetsepkuu Monogatari

Zetsepkuu and friends in Doukutsu Monogatari.

kuu appears in other fan fictions as well as other series. Here are a few:
  • Rhys The Hedgehog: Dawn Of Eclipse
  • Puyo Puyo Fever (Modification)
  • Puyo Puyo VS (Modification)
  • Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story)

Friends and Enemies

Zetsepkuu has a fair amount of friends and enemies that he's met over his life.

  • Yami Auroma (Best Friend)
  • ShadeStar (Friendly Rival)
  • Daishiro Blade (Enemy/Friend)
  • Dante (Friendly Rival)
  • Tsunami Wave (Friendly Rival)
  • Rhys The Hedgehog (Good Friend)
  • Moriah The Hedgehog (Good Friend)
  • Phantom Ragnorak (Enemy)
  • Hallow (Enemy)


Zetsepkuu is a hedgehog with gold and black fur, with apricot skin and blue/black eyes (appearance varies). He also wears black glasses on his head, and a blue belt with a pocket containing his paint brush and supplies. Zetsepkuu, unlike most Sonic Fan Characters, has a human form for alternate appearances.

An old sprite of Zetsepkuu

Theme Song

Zetsepkuu has several theme songs, depending on what series he's in. His main (and most famous) is "Tonight", by Luna Sea.

thumb|300px|left|"Tonight" by Luna Sea. Zetsepkuu's main theme song.

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