Zyion The Feral
Zyion The Feral 1
First appearance

None at present I dream of such an honor.

Appears in

None at Present Day.


James A. Edwards

Voice actor(s)

N/A (Christopher Bevins, I would hope)

Voice actor(s)


Also known as

Wildcat, Stray-Light


Feral Cat




68 cm


17 kg


James A. Edwards


Mushroom Forest Edge




Midnight-Blue with a Moonlight yellow zig-zag strip on his tail.




Moonlight Yellow


Black Vest with silver trimming, Silver Shades with Orange tint, Dark Gray Gloves, Black Cuffs, Black Ankle Bracers and Dark Gray Sneakers with Black patches on the heel and toes, a crescent mark on the top.


His Mother lives in their home in Mushroom Forest, (he doesn't see her much) and he has a kid sister 8




Sushi, Soy Milk, Adventuring, and Competition.


Beef, Coconut Milk,Bland Foods, Dishonest people.


Feral Traits:(Claws,"Sensing", Smell, Tracking, Reaction, and Feral Eyes.)

Ability type

Power(only when on Blight's Team) or Speed(when on his own team)

Zyion The Feral

Zyion is a Feral Cat, his element is light. He has Claws that are only visible while he uses his Feral Skills. As a Feral he keeps more of his animalistic abilities, Whereas sonic and others run at highest speeds on two legs on rare times Zyion will run fast on all Fours(3/4s the speed of sonic.Can only maintain that speed for 45 seconds.) his Claws only are able to be seen when he uses his claw abilities the claw tips are transparent and the light of his aura make them visible.

Zyion's History

Zyion is a Feral Cat Meaning Wild or Untamed, Feral Cats keep all of their truly primal animal abilities and gain the brain power of humans, as a result most if not all cannot use Chaos Emeralds, Order Pearls or Sol Emeralds. Zyion has lived in his past few years with his mother in the Mushroom Forest and his who is sister is 8 years younger than him, he love them both dearly. If you hurt them you hurt him, he would never let anyone get away with hurting them.


Zyion rarely holds any allegiance unless the goals meet with his. Zyion is a wild free-spirited individual who follows his instincts, and above all he never breaks a promise. He doesn't hold onto much as a feral that is common, they live in the moment. Earn his heart you earn his claws(meaning he will fight for you), just as you earn his Scorn you earn his claws(meaning he will chop you up).


Feral Sense: Zyion Stands still to see what is approaching or leaving by the wind patterns.(uses it in tandem with Reaction to Dodge high speed oncoming attacks.)

Feral Claws: Zyion Charges up his aura which reveals his claws then he can lash out at enemies if scratched it can inflict a burn on a strong enemy.

Feral Smell: Zyion puts his nose to the ground to smell the trail of a recently encountered enemy.(combine with Feral Sense and Feral Tracking to trigger Full Reaction ability.)

Feral Tracking: (after triggering Feral Smell and Sense) allows Zyion to track a fleeing enemy.

Feral Eyes: Zyion taps into 50% of his Feral instincts to See things with enhanced clarity and time seems to slow down around you.

Reaction: Zyion taps into 80%-100% Feral instincts at this point he can use primal acceleration he can take to all fours for 45 seconds, to get 3/4s of Sonic's full speed for that duration. Reaction also allows Zyion to enter a phase where he can counter, dodge and auto react to moving high speed objects(similar to the matrix dodging bullets, or catching a speeding bird in mid air like real cats do.)

Zyion's Rivals and Allies

Blight The Porcupine(Ally)

Nabirei The Porcupine(Ally)

Blaze The Cat(Ally)

Shadow The Hedgehog(Rival)

Sonic The Hedgehog (Ally)

Shade The Echidna(Ally)

Knuckles The Echidna(Ally)

Rouge The Bat(Rival)

Dr. Eggman(Rival)

Eggman Nega(Rival)

Memorable Quotes

Zyion: You cannot stop this adventure!

Zyion: I suggest you move.....Now!(Feral claws)

Zyion: The wild calls to me.....prepare!

Zyion's Music Themes

Unbound by Avenged Sevenfold

thumb|350px|right|Zyion's theme

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